From a sprawling University Campus to a compact School or College, the requirement is for a video recording solution that protects pupils, staff and property and allows even occasional users to quickly find exactly what they are looking for, to be able to follow any kind of incident and quickly answer those important questions; Who? What? When? How?

Schools, colleges, and university campuses provide open spaces with freedom of movement at the heart of their ethos. With this comes a requirement to have a manageable VMS that can be integrated with several components, whilst maintaining intelligent search capabilities across all platforms. Furthermore, automated alarms that are built in to this system can provide real-time information about any suspicious activity or current threat.

With these facilities being used for other activities outside of school hours, such as sports clubs, adult learning, holiday events and even ad-hoc accommodation, flexibility is key. The video management system, at the heart of a total security solution, must be able to not only adapt to changing circumstances but be easy to manage for different priorities.

Whilst securing and managing the physical premises is of critical importance, the overriding reason for an integrated and intuitive surveillance system must be student safety. This includes any post-event analysis that may need to take place, requiring seamless management of vast amounts of data and near-instantaneous video recall.

These systems may need to be accessed by teaching staff, management, facilities, IT providers and external teams on an infrequent basis. For this reason, the solution must be easy to navigate for novice users, as well as be able to perform more complicated processes for other extensive data analysis.

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