In educational institutions, from sprawling university campuses to compact schools and colleges, the importance of a comprehensive video management solution cannot be overstated.

Wavestore’s Video Management System (VMS) excels in safeguarding students, staff, and assets while ensuring user-friendly access for diverse users. Whether it’s quickly resolving incidents or providing clear answers to critical questions, our VMS is tailored for the unique needs of educational environments.

Creating and Safe and Secure Campus Environment

At the core of a secure educational setting is the ability to adapt to various activities and requirements. Wavestore’s VMS is designed not just for security but for enhancing the overall safety and efficiency of educational institutions, accommodating a wide range of campus activities and user needs.

Comprehensive Protection for Students and Staff

Ensuring the safety of everyone on campus, our VMS provides vigilant surveillance across all educational spaces.

Efficient Incident Management and Analysis

Offers advanced capabilities for tracking and investigating incidents, aiding in swift and effective resolution.

Flexible Adaptation to Campus Activities

Our system adjusts seamlessly to different educational and extracurricular events, maintaining security without disrupting activities.

Streamlined Data Management for Post-Event Review

Manages extensive video data with ease, enabling quick retrieval and analysis for thorough post-incident investigations.

Addressing Education Provider Challenges


Maintaining Open yet Secure Spaces

Educational institutions aim to keep their environments open and accessible while upholding safety and security.

Integrating Complex Security Components

The necessity for a VMS that integrates diverse components while maintaining effective search capabilities.

Ensuring Physical Access Control

Crucial to educational security is managing physical access, ensuring only authorized individuals are in appropriate areas.

Extending Campus Security Beyond School Hours

Campuses often host activities beyond regular school hours, necessitating adaptable security measures.


Intelligent Surveillance Solutions

Wavestore’s VMS balances openness with robust security, offering intelligent surveillance that aligns with the ethos of educational spaces.

Seamless System Integration

Our VMS integrates effortlessly with various systems, providing a unified solution for comprehensive security management.

Precise Access Management

The system offers advanced access control, ensuring the right people are in the right places, from buildings to perimeters.

Dynamic Security for Diverse Events

Wavestore’s VMS is versatile, ensuring security during varied campus events, from daytime classes to after-hours activities.

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