PTZ Keyboard

Wavestore Video Wall Controllers facilitate the display of live video streams captured by a host of camera technologies, such as HD, 4K, thermal and 360° cameras.


Featuring a 4-axis joystick for pan/tilt/zoom control, jog shuttle for fast-forward/rewind and frame-step accuracy; as well as 38 backlit keys to perform popular functions, the WS-KBD-02 keyboard enables operators to control their entire solution running Wavestore’s WaveView client software via a USB connection to their PC.

At a glance

Joystick: 4-axis PTZ
Jog-shuttle: Forward/Rewind, frame step
Buttons: Backlit, 38 buttons
Connection: USB 2.0


Pre-mapped buttons to perform a host of popular functions in Wavestore’s WaveView client software
Compatible with Windows and Linux client PCs, including direct connection to Wavestore servers with on-board WaveView client software
4-axis joystick for pan, tilt and zoom control
Jog-shuttle for single frame-step control up to x8192 fast forward and rewind speeds


PTZ Keyboard Datasheet