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You Our Privacy Policy

For the purposes of maintaining accurate customer records, Wavestore Global Ltd (WGL) holds personal details for customers, potential customers and stakeholders relevant to normal business activity of WGL.

What information is being collected?

This data includes:
- Individuals names
- Individuals e-mail addresses
- Individuals telephone numbers
- Mentions of an individual's name relevant to WGL in its day-to-day business activity, for example that a meeting was held with them

Information is held on the company’s CRM system, website and on our employee’s own systems, such as Outlook contacts and mobile phone contacts. All systems and devices where personal information is stored are password protected and access is control to those who require it for their specific job role. No personal financial information is stored.

Who is collecting it?
The information is collected by employees of WGL during normal business activity, such as when signing up a Partner or adding a business contact to our CRM system.

How is it collected?
Information is collected either through written communication, sign-ups or verbally from individuals during normal day to day business.

Why is it being collected?
Personal information is collected to allow WGL to conduct usual day-to-day business effectively.

How will it be used?
Your personal information may be used for processing orders, managing your account, personalising your Wavestore website experience and for marketing e-mails to keep you up to date with the latest information (if you agree).

Who will it be shared with?
WGL may share specific and limited information with third-parties in line with normal business activity, such as an individual’s contact details with a Technology Partner or a Distributor - though never to be added to a marketing database. WGL will never sell personal data to any third party or provide it to any organisation or individual outside of usual and relevant day-to-day business.

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