Facial Recognition


Wavestore Facial Recognition is our high-performance software solution specially designed for the accurate identification of multiple subjects simultaneously, in real-world, crowded and changeable environments.

Key Features

Wavestore Facial Recognition works 50 times faster than traditional systems. It is capable of processing very high-resolution video streams and is optimised for use with GPU architectures to produce cost-effective solutions.

Our technology makes it possible to enrol subjects unobtrusively through video capture. It is able to cope with partial facial occlusions, glasses, handkerchiefs, caps, and even changes in facial expression, difficult lighting conditions or partial rotation / tilting of the face.

Wavestore Facial Recognition is a truly scalable solution, allowing effectively unlimited subject database size with multiple watchlists. This provides unlimited face detections per individual frame, whilst meeting the minimum face-size requirements.

It is designed from the outset to cope with very busy scenes and can deliver fast and accurate recognition results. With images from 720p up to 4K resolution and beyond, it requires a pixel density of only 350 pixels per metre.

Wavestore Facial Recognition provides an excellent price-performance ratio and is compatible with Wavestore Premium licence levels and above.


The Best Performing Face Recognition for Live Video Brochure


Wavestore Facial Recognition Dome Camera


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