Manufacturing industries have perhaps a uniquely-wide range of security challenges to meet. Protecting their staff, visitors and buildings in addition to finished goods, work in progress, components and raw materials, plant and machinery as well as their intellectual property all require a flexible, but reliable and well-integrated surveillance solution. Process monitoring with long-term retention of recordings in a cost-effective manner can be invaluable in assuring product quality and mitigating against the resuting reputational loss.

Manufacturing companies operate around the world in both staffed and near-fully automated facilities. Having the ability to be centrally managed provides operational efficiency and cost saving capabilities.

First and foremost, a surveillance system needs to provide safety to staff, products and facilities. In addition, an integrated video management system can also provide business intelligence and the gives ability to see a return on investment in a short period of time.

Management and support teams need to be able to monitor their facilities and processes and react to situations quickly and efficiently either on-site or from remote locations. With a well-integrated video management solution, authorised personnel can obtain an immediate visual insight into the efficiency of their operations, identify health and safety risks, analyse pinch points, and view critical infrastructure remotely, all in real-time.

When dealing with the resolution of customer queries and processing issues, having access to all video data which is readily available to authorised personnel, wherever they are located, and armed with intelligent and efficient search, playback and exporting tools, enables rapid investigation. This can help with data gathering for compensation claims, item damage or late deliveries.

Being able to track, check and monitor processes progressively ensures that cost targets are met as well as mitigating any penalties for delayed or rejected goods.

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