In the diverse world of manufacturing, security and operational efficiency are paramount. Wavestore’s Video Management System (VMS) provides a comprehensive solution tailored to the unique challenges of the manufacturing sector.

From safeguarding staff, visitors, and facilities to protecting goods, machinery, and intellectual property, our VMS ensures flexible, reliable, and integrated surveillance.

Video to enhance dynamic manufacturing environments

The manufacturing industry demands a surveillance system that goes beyond traditional security. Wavestore’s VMS offers process monitoring, long-term retention of recordings, and cost-effective operation, ensuring product quality and safeguarding the reputation of manufacturing businesses.

Comprehensive Asset Protection

Safeguards every aspect of the manufacturing environment, from finished goods to intellectual property.

Operational Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

Central management of surveillance systems across various locations enhances operational efficiency and leads to significant cost savings.

Business Intelligence and ROI

The integrated VMS provides valuable business insights, allowing for a quick return on investment.

Remote Monitoring and Response

Enables management and support teams to monitor facilities and respond to situations efficiently, both on-site and remotely.

Addressing Challenges in Manufacturing


Diverse Security Needs

Manufacturing industries face a wide range of security challenges, requiring a versatile and comprehensive solution.

Managing Automated and Staffed Facilities

Balancing security in both highly automated and staffed facilities presents unique challenges.

Efficient Process Monitoring

Keeping track of manufacturing processes and ensuring quality control are essential.

Rapid Resolution of Queries and Issues

Quick resolution of customer queries and processing issues is crucial in manufacturing.


Multi-faceted Security Approach

Wavestore’s VMS offers an all-encompassing security solution, addressing various needs from staff safety to asset protection.

Flexible and Scalable Surveillance

The system’s adaptability ensures effective security management, regardless of the level of automation in facilities.

Enhanced Process Oversight

Wavestore’s VMS provides detailed monitoring capabilities, ensuring quality assurance and process efficiency.

Streamlined Data Access and Analysis

With instant access to video data and efficient search tools, authorized personnel can swiftly address and resolve queries and processing issues.

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