Intrusion Detection

Integrated technology

Verify the cause of alarm activations and respond appropriately at lightening speed with the help of a Wavestore visually verified alarm management solution.

Being able to visually verify what might be occurring when an intruder detection or a perimeter detection system is activated, is essential for high security and mission critical applications. In addition to rapidly eliminating false alarms, the ability to see in real-time what has triggered an alarm significantly enhances the ability of security personnel to react quickly to any incidents and when appropriate contact emergency services.

Working with leading intruder detection system manufacturers, Wavestore is able to provide an integrated EN Grade 3 & 4 compliant video, data and intruder detection management solution which supports Contact ID and SIA level 3 and 4 protocols.

What Is Possible

Link to specific detection zones to quickly display video of where an intruder is located.
Add video to intruder events and benefit from real-time or easily searchable post-event viewing.
Easily search for intruder events from any keyword, such as zone, alarm type or any other database credentials and instantly bring up video and archive using Wavestore’s 3-click evidential export function from associated cameras.
Wavestore’s VMS is EN Grade 3 & 4 compliant and compatible with Contact ID event and SIA level 3 & 4 protocols, enabling it to receive all event types detailed in an alarm detection system specification.
Link user-definable cause & effect actions, such as move a PTZ camera or alert security staff, to specific alarm events or zones.

Integrated Modules

Integrated Intrusion Detection Partners Include

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