Airport security is all-encompassing, involving more than just the terminal building. We have developed our Video Management System (VMS)to safeguard you, your crew, and airport staff every step of the way.

Our VMS incorporates cutting-edge technologies to monitor all airport areas 24/7, from the perimeter fence to the taxiways. With advanced analytics built into our cameras, any suspicious activity is detected, and security personnel are promptly alerted, ensuring journeys are both safe and seamless.

Enhanced Security, Efficiency & Customer Experience

Wavestore’s VMS provides a holistic approach to security and operational management, covering every aspect of the airport environment, from the perimeter to post-departure. This system integrates advanced surveillance and analytics, offering a robust solution to the unique challenges of airport security.

End-to-End Security Coverage

From car parks to runways, our VMS ensures comprehensive surveillance, protecting travellers and staff throughout their airport journey.

Real-Time Monitoring for Rapid Response

Facilitate immediate action in response to incidents, enhancing safety and operational efficiency with quick access to live and recorded footage.

Advanced Facial Recognition and Analytics

Incorporates facial recognition technology and sophisticated analytics for heightened security and efficient identification processes.

Efficient Post-Event Analysis

Swiftly navigates through extensive video data, enabling effective post-event investigations and informed decision-making.

The Role of Integrated Video Analytics


Overseeing Crowded Spaces

Managing high-traffic areas while maintaining safety and operational flow is a major concern for airports

Mitigating Varied Security Risks

The diverse range of security threats at airports requires a versatile and proactive surveillance approach.

Ensuring Physical Access Control

Maintaining appropriate physical access to different airport zones is crucial for overall security.

Maximizing Resource Efficiency

Beyond data management, there's a need for efficient utilization of human capital in airport security operations.


Streamlined Traffic Flow Management

Our VMS allows you to spot congestion and take proactive action, enhancing the overall safety and passenger experience.

Comprehensive Threat Detection

Utilizes real-time surveillance and analytics to swiftly identify and enable you to address security challenges.

Tailored Access Management

The VMS system provides customizable access controls, ensuring that only the right people are in the right areas, enhancing overall security.

Enhanced Situational Awareness

Wavestore’s VMS optimizes human resources through instant search, playback, and metadata analysis, providing personnel with enhanced situational awareness and decision-making capabilities.

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