Airports are very extensive and incredibly diverse environments, from extremely crowded passenger-accessible areas; Arrivals & Departures, Security and Passport Control, to highly restricted safety or security-critical zones. Hence the need for a truly scalable and flexible video management system that can meet the needs of a wide variety of functions and be able to adapt to changing circumstances.

In these extremely complex and dynamic environments, there can be many different security and surveillance activities occurring simultaneously; each with their own specific demands on the video surveillance system.  The system will need to be instantly accessible to those working on current and evolving events, but they must only have access to parts of the system specific to their function, and be securely excluded from everything else.

Each specific security group will be focused on various tasks that may involve monitoring diverse groups, locations or activities, or using facial recognition technology to assist in detecting known individuals of interest.

One of the most significant benefits of a well-integrated and intelligent security system, with video data at its core, is that it can enable an extensive range of specific events to be responded to effectively. Key to enabling a fast response is ensuring all those involved are accurately and quickly informed so the correct action can be taken when needed. On top of this, the ability to intelligently and efficiently search through recorded video data facilitates any necessary detailed post-event analysis.

With perhaps many hundreds of cameras and many months’ worth of recorded data available to search, having a system that can give rapid access to live images, near-instantaneous playback of the recorded footage and seamlessly present any associated metadata is hugely beneficial.

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