Wavestore integrates...Parking

Add video surveillance to visually verify vehicle movements in and out of your car park.

Car park operators are increasingly investing in the latest generation of barrier systems to efficiently control access, maximise occupancy and offer multiple payment options. Some of these systems utilise ANPR software loaded onto video surveillance cameras in order to match the number plates of vehicles against VIP and pre-paid reservations lists, as well as to restrict access, whilst others have card and ticket systems to control entry and exit.

Wavestore’s VMS has been successfully integrated with leading suppliers of car park barrier systems and it also supports both on-board camera and server based ANPR solutions developed by hand-picked technology partners. This means that metadata relating to individual entry/exit tickets can be linked to images captured by cameras located at barrier systems, enabling operators to visually verify the make and model of a car, should there be an incident or dispute.

Integrated Parking Partners include:

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What's Possible

  • • Visually verify the make, model and number plates of vehicles as they enter or exit a car park with entry images displayed alongside exit images
  • Automatically refuse access to vehicles on a blacklist and alert staff
  • Search for specific number plates or ticket barcodes by time/date.
  • Stitch together video from time-synchronised events using Wavestore’s 3-click evidential export function