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Take total control of supplementary lighting, whilst minimising energy costs and light pollution

Many video surveillance systems rely on supplementary lighting to ensure high quality images can be captured in night time conditions, but that does not mean the lighting units need to always be on or operating at their highest possible light levels. Minimising energy costs and light pollution, as well as extending the life of lighting units, are important factors which end-users are increasingly taking into account when wishing to deploy a sustainable video surveillance solution.

An intelligent lighting solution integrated with Wavestore’s VMS enables the ideal lighting for each situation to be automatically selected when a moving object is detected or by metadata triggered events from other systems and software, such as Access Control, ANPR, alarm sensors, cameras, face recognition and other forms of video analytics.

Integrated Intelligent Lighting Partners include:

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What's Possible

  • Control LED lights on-screen from fully customisable buttons via Wavestore’s WaveView client software
  • Deter intruders with a choice of lighting effects other than just on-off, such as SOS or flashing patterns
  • Set a timer for individual or groups of lights
  • Configure brightness levels between 20% - 100%
  • Control light functions either by an on-screen button or triggered by events
  • Commands are authenticated by Wavestore server for enhanced security
  • Specifying Hybrid LED illuminators brings the benefits of White light and IR technology into a single unit. With less cabling required, the 2-in-1 solution reduces installation costs as well as negating the capital cost of deploying two separate lighting units
  • Raytec integration is provided as standard across Wavestore Premium, Enterprise and Ultimate channel license levels