We all rely on the high availability and safety of our road, rail and metro networks to efficiently transport ourselves and goods, without, perhaps, reflecting on the considerable and constant demands to manage and maintain those systems; to quickly deal with incidents before they escalate, manage repairs and comply with stringent legal requirements. Having visual information readily available, with intelligent analytical tools to alert and inform, from what is, by its very nature, a highly distributed network is key to keeping things moving smoothly and safely.

Due to the expansive nature of our transport networks, flexibility must be at the centre of all systems and processes. The public expect and require reassurance to enable them to feel safe when using our transport infrastructure. Having recorded footage for deterrence, evidence and investigation purposes, along with live video for monitoring where connectivity permits, is now a reasonable expectation. The demands placed upon the video management solution within a transport hub or distributed network therefore need it to be resilient and adaptable.

From on-board buses and trains, to traffic monitoring, signalling and platform safety on railways, the elements that must be monitored and subsequent potential threats they may be subject to varies greatly. A flexible and scalable surveillance platform that can adjust to changing applications is vital to provide public and staff safety when using transport services.

Enhancing the responsiveness of management and security staff to allow them to effectively manage any given situation or incident as it unfolds is critical in maintaining our transport infrastructure. The ability to add features such as contraflow detection, crowd monitoring and loitering analysis, can alert users to issues before they escalate and reduce high risk situations developing.

The requirement to provide off-site monitoring and 24-hour security 365 days a year is critical to keep us moving. As well as maintaining capacity on our transport networks, a huge amount of time, effort and money is expended annually in the pursuit of ongoing upgrades and repairs. Being able to plan, monitor and review these works is key when a direct impact on network capacity is at stake.

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