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Commercial premises are diverse in nature but have common issues to be effectively managed. We need to protect staff and assets, both physical and intellectual, monitor visitors but not impede efficient operation during the busy working day and keep the buildings and everything in it safe during those vulnerable out-of-hours periods.

Commercial environments are operated in many ways, whether that is manned or unmanned, open or access-controlled and so on. For this reason, they can greatly benefit from having a comprehensive and well-integrated security solution, which is based around a flexible and adaptable video management system.

Key features of a security solution might be to alert users to exceptional events, provide visual confirmation during the working day or review any suspicious activity. Whichever the use of the system, information needs to be accessed quickly and efficiently from an intuitive central platform.

More than simply monitoring to ensure that office equipment and personal belongings are not at risk, there are critical IT systems to also consider. These may be located in a remote part of the building and be a target for theft or damage.

The video management system should be able to adapt to out-of-hours periods and weekends when there may be few, if any, staff on site. It is important to consider that any commercial property standing empty for any period has an increased risk of break-ins that can result in extensive vandalism, theft, or loss of assets. Using automatic alerts and integrated technologies, a total security system can provide actionable insights to mitigate this risk.

When selecting a video management system, it should be recognised that technology is continually evolving. The chosen VMS solution therefore needs to be sufficiently flexible and readily upgradable to take advantage of features available in new cameras and other applicable technologies.

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