Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Integrated technology

Let Wavestore help you achieve maximum benefit from data captured by Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR).

Assisting local authorities to enforce parking and traffic regulations, providing police with a powerful tool to quickly ascertain if a vehicle is stolen or untaxed, helping restrict access to car parks and recording the number plates at petrol stations to capture evidence of people driving off without paying, are just a few examples of how ANPR can deliver real-life practical benefits.

Wavestore’s ability to support on-board camera and server based ANPR solutions developed by hand-picked technology partners means that data related to groups of VIP or blacklisted vehicles can be associated with any number of cameras in order to provide visual verification and bring enhanced operator decision-making to an integrated ANPR solution. Up to 5 user defined groups of number plates, e.g. VIP or blacklisted vehicles, can be configured to trigger specific actions, such as automatically moving a camera, opening a barrier or alerting security staff.

What Is Possible

Add powerful post-event search functionality to ANPR applications. Search for specific number plates or number plate groups via WaveView. Quickly generate event lists and associated video. Search for number plates which have, for example, accessed a site via a specific entrance
Wavestore partners with various ANPR providers to enable a solution for various alphabets (including Arabic), plate types and applications
Trigger cause and effect events based on specific plate reads, such as open a barrier, turn on a light, display a sign etc.
More than just reading plates, receive metadata on car type, colour and speed from compatible ANPR cameras and create events or alerts based on received information
Associate overview cameras with specific ANPR capture cameras for improved situational overview
Stitch together video from time-synchronised events using Wavestore’s 3-click evidential export function

Integrated Modules

Integrated ANPR Partners Include

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