Asset Management

Integrated technology

Add the power of Asset Management events with real-time cause & effect or post-event interrogation for specific actions and identification of people.

Airports, logistic centres and museums are just a few examples of the various environments where RFID tags are being used to track the movement of assets and goods. Users’ objectives may vary from detecting theft, improving productivity or settling a dispute if an asset is damaged or is involved in an accident whilst on the move.

The integration of Wavestore’s VMS with best-in-breed RFID asset management tracking solutions, and their ability to process large amounts of metadata, means that cameras can be triggered to automatically move, zoom in and focus on a location the moment an asset is moved, with pre-event video footage automatically displayed to give a complete picture of how an event has unfolded.

What Is Possible

RFID event data is overlaid onto related video which is displayed within a control room in real time
Wavestore and its hand-picked RFID technology partner are able to together provide a best-in- breed solution for video, data and asset management
Easily search for events from any keyword, asset name or other database credentials and backup up associated video using Wavestore’s 3-click evidential export function
Alerts can be sent by SMS or email when an object is moved
Video wall ‘pop-up’ of the event in real time

Integrated Modules

Integrated Asset Management Partners Include

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