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See how using people counting information connected to an intelligent Video Management Software can enhance your marketing, sales, security, and safety. With the ability to set up alerts when a threshold of people is met, the building or store can meet guidelines surrounding capacity.

Furthermore, with the possibility of reviewing how much time is spent interacting with promotions along with video footage of subsequent actions, sales and marketing tactics can be scrutinised.

Utilising Wavestore’s future-proof and intuitive solution integrated into people counting technologies allows operators to set event rules so the system can automatically respond to incidents, as well as being able to search through any stored data for post-event interrogation. Real-time data can be assessed from the system which can relate to a host of queries, such as time of day and region, with alerts and information overlaid on to the dashboard, giving operators complete situational awareness.

Objects such as shopping trolleys and pushchairs can be automatically filtered out using the integrated intelligent technology, as can specified subject matters, such as children. Challenges such as shadows, reflections, glare, or low-light conditions can be mitigated against within the people counting solution, and bi-directional counting can track pathways of subjects to detect U-turns and avoid double counting.

People Counting is also available on our range of Wavestore Vision Cameras and Deep-Learning Analytics. Operators can utilise our Data Reporter, which is a comprehensive data gathering platform which produces custom, scheduled, and pre-defined reporting of people counting information. This can then be used to provide behavioural analytics, retail efficiencies, banking intelligence, and city or traffic information. With heat maps and hot spots along with colour coded charts for ease of use, these on-demand or scheduled reports can be sent to interested parties, such as HR, Marketing Managers, Store Managers, and CEO’s.

What Is Possible

Add accurate people counting data to your overall security solution
Estimate in-store traffic, enhance staff management, and evaluate the effectiveness of promotions
Drive events from people counting triggers, such as an alarm if over a certain number of people enter the building
Easily bring up recorded video for specific search terms surrounding people counting, such as displaying video for any time a certain number of people are present
Provides information that can be used for marketing and health and safety applications, as well as security
Manage all people counting events using one screen and seamlessly manage events from all integrated technologies

Integrated Modules

People Counting

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