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Complex installations for extracting, processing and transporting hazardous flammable and explosive materials need to be monitored continuously to ensure that they are operated safely and perform reliably. It is absolutely vital that video of any incident, either live or recorded is available, when and where it is needed, for the effective management of the incident as well as post-event analysis.

The world relies on the ready availability of natural energy resources. The facilities required to get energy, in whichever form it comes, safely to the end customer are vulnerable to a multitude of threats.

Sites that operate continuously, many of them unattended, demand intelligent and robust surveillance technology to provide reliable protection against unauthorised access and attack. With sites often being in exposed locations, security resources must be effectively managed and only deployed when necessary. This can be done through accurate situational awareness and discrimination of false alarms embedded into a total security solution.

The remote monitoring capability of a video surveillance system can instantly alert specified users to an event which has occurred to enable fast response times. The ability to immediately replay precisely the required video information allows decision-makers to respond quickly and find the best course of action.

A security and surveillance system that can be integrated with other business systems provides a wealth of benefits. Monitoring of the tanker loading process, combining video and loading system data to verify the volumes transacted, and the continuous monitoring of waste processing and pollution control are all opportunities to maximise profitability. Furthermore, these integrated systems can not only demonstrate, but prove compliance.

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