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Wavestore provides VMS solution for the world’s fourth-largest oil exporter


A high-performance video management solution at the heart of a comprehensive integrated security system providing protection for the entire extraction and production process of the world’s fourth-largest oil exporter.

The integrated security system comprises security fencing, perimeter intrusion detection, access control, integrated monitoring systems and 2,500 CCTV cameras monitoring wells, pumping stations and control suites, located in 93 separate geographical areas.


“The Wavestore video management and recording solution has been successfully integrated with a sophisticated alarm monitoring and management system that interacts with three command & control systems to manage, monitor and investigate events in real-time. The Wavestore VMS (video management software) facilitates continuous recording and the ability to retain the video information associated with specific events. Wavestore has provided high integrity, high availability redundant recording solution that offers dynamic access to any video data within a large camera network and, when required, the capability to implement any upgrades to the software without any disruption to the recording.


Wavestore was awarded the contract to supply the video management solution by one of the world’s leading systems integrators that had successfully bid to implement a turnkey project covering the whole process of design, implementation and maintenance of the integrated security system which combines physical security, intelligence, and IT security.

A Senior Security Systems Engineer for the systems integrator who has worked on the project for the last four years has been quoted as saying: “We have developed considerable respect for Wavestore. It works every time.”


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