Event Engine

Wavestore’s Events & Metadata Engine provides you with the ability to configure real-time cause & effect actions based on any number or type of events detected by the devices and sub-systems deployed across your security solution.

It also provides powerful post-event metadata search. Specific events can be paired with cameras to add visual verification to the event information received by Wavestore’s VMS, adding functionality to help you achieve maximum advantage from your integrated security solution and deliver exactly what you require for individual projects.

Wavestore’s ability to interact with virtually any third-party devices, systems and software such as access control, intruder detection, video analytics and ANPR means event-based metadata can be used to trigger a wide range of actions.  

These can be simple and straightforward, such as turning on lights when an intruder is detected, generating an alarm when a door is forced open or sending an alert by email to an administrator if a hard drive becomes faulty.  

They can also be complex, combining triggers from multiple sources using Boolean operators, AND, OR, XOR, enabled by a schedule to drive multiple cameras to presets, affect recording on selected cameras, notifying external systems such as video walls or access control systems and initiating sequences of actions on the WaveView client.  

Wavestore’s Events & Metadata Engine also adds a further intelligence to metadata being received. It can, for example, be configured to generate alerts if an Electronic Point of Sale system (EPoS) records transactions above a certain value or if there is a refund event. In fact, the list of cause & effect actions that can be configured is virtually unlimited.

Operator awareness of events

Simple language text alerts of any events can be monitored in real time via Wavestore’s WaveView Client Software’s live event display. Operators are able to view the video associated with each event by simply clicking on the respective text. Mission critical events can be colour coded on the live event display, with different events highlighted by different distinguishing colours.

Post-event search

In addition to monitoring and reacting to events occurring in real-time, operators also have the Events & Metadata Engine’s lightning-fast search feature to retrieve and forensically review previously recorded events.

Events can be searched using a wide range of criteria which include the name of specific cameras, access control readers, intruder detectors, etc, or by a third-party device’s functionality, such as a door held open, a person detected by facial recognition or a camera’s built-in motion detection.

The performance of the Event Engine is particularly impressive on busy sites where there may be a large number of pre-specified events occurring within a short space of time. By taking full advantage of recorded metadata, operators are able to carry out forensic searches which allow them to quickly home in on what they are looking for. This could be, for example, only events in which a red or white vehicle is in a camera’s field of view or when a particular named person has accessed the front door.

No additional hardware required

All of this happens on the same the server which is running the Wavestore VMS and there is no need to incur the capital or running costs of additional hardware in order to benefit from the full functionality of the Events Engine.

Unlimited potential to add value to your security solution

In addition to the mainstream integrations achieved by working closely with our technology partners, Wavestore is able to help customers with even the most bespoke project requirements. This means our Events & Metadata Engine is able to potentially support virtually any device or sub-system.

Key Features

Integrates with camera on-board analytics, sub-systems and more

Create real-time cause & effect actions based on events or post-event metadata search

Associate specific cameras with events and metadata

Perform actions from disparate devices and sub-systems, e.g. turn on a light when motion detected

No separate events management hardware required, everything is self-contained within the Wavestore server/ NVR/ HVR

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