Maintaining a safe and reassuring environment for event-attendees, staff and performers, during both the frenetic excitement of an event and those quieter times of preparation, break-down and closure is a fundamental requirement for stadium and arena security and monitoring systems. The capability of the security team can be greatly enhanced by the deployment of suitable technology.

With potentially many thousands of public attendees along with event staff, performers and crew, a flexible, reliable and integrated video management system is critical. Providing a safe environment for the public to enjoy entertainment is an absolute priority for event organisers.

In such vast gatherings of people there is a potential for anti-social behaviour and, of course, the threat of an act of terrorism to be protected against. An integrated video system with multiple analytic capabilities can allow users to monitor live images as well as view critical footage and be alerted early to potential threats. Advanced analytics such as facial recognition, contraflow and loitering detection can all be beneficial enhancements when they are seamlessly integrated with an effective and easy-to-use video management system.

With public, performers and staff safe, the second critical component is to protect the venue itself. This requires a reliable and intuitive video management system with the ability to view and cover large, often open, areas without requiring physical patrols. Early warning detection from intruder alarms, fence monitoring and potentially even hostile vehicle management can mitigate any risk to property, particularly when the venues are closed.

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