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These are inherently complex, multi-faceted environments that present particular challenges to provide the required levels of protection of personnel, assets and data, whilst maintaining compliance with stringent regulatory requirements.

In locations which are open to the public, such as branches, the safety of customers and staff is of prime importance. To be able to respond to an incident, including identifying and investigating suspicions, you need a surveillance system that is both comprehensive in its capability and easy to use, even by staff who are not regular users.

Fraud and disputes over transactions are an unfortunate reality, which means that the vital video evidence required in their investigation and resolution needs to be retained for long periods. Finding the right video footage therefore needs to be as quick and easy as possible, meaning that end users must have access to near-instantaneous playback facilities and intelligent searching tools. With intuitive search and a non-linear time bar which enables users to move between seconds, minutes, days and even weeks quickly and seamlessly, this process is time and cost efficient.

Other more centralised locations, such as cash-counting and trading centres, secure paper and card printing facilities, regional, national and international headquarters, will have larger security systems requiring constant monitoring to cover the greater potential threat faced. These video management systems (VMS) will therefore need to be readily integrated into technologies such as reliable video content analytics and facial recognition to effectively counter those threats. With a scalable and robust VMS at the core of a total security solution, large numbers of branch-based systems can be brought into these monitoring locations, ensuring the system is both future-proof and able to provide comprehensive yet cost-effective protection.

Protection of data, in all its forms, is of utmost importance in a financial setting. This applies to any video and associated information collected and stored on a VMS. The in-built facilities of audit trail and protection from unauthorised use, both from inside and outside the organisation, are key deciding factors in system selection.

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