Wavestore integrates...Video Wall

Experience greater situational awareness with a video wall managed by Wavestore’s VMS

Control rooms operated by Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs), Remote Video Response Centres (RVRCs), local authorities, police and businesses, use video walls to enable security personnel to see the ‘bigger picture’. Alongside the display of live or recorded images captured by cameras installed at single or multiple locations, operators can view real-time data from a variety of sources such as alarm events, access control activity, traffic updates and interactive maps.

A video wall integrated with and driven by Wavestore is able to display live streams of events occurring in real-time captured by different cameras, including HD, Ultra HD 4K, thermal, radar and 360° cameras. Command & Control capabilities are enhanced by operators being able to capitalise on Wavestore’s events & metadata engine to carry out lightening-fast searches to review pre-event recorded video alongside real-time images and related data, on the same video wall.

Integrated Video Wall Partners include:

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What's Possible

  • Ensure you can see the ‘bigger picture’ of any activity, incidents or emergencies which may occur throughout your estate
  • Display Google maps, SCADA, spreadsheets and more, across an unrestricted video wall
  • Operators can duplicate the view they have on their own workstation
  • User defined video wall layouts can be configured to dynamically change when triggered by specific alarms or events driven from Wavestore’s VMS.