Video Wall Integration

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Wavestore’s integration with Datapath hardware technology delivers a highly scalable and cost-effective solution for displaying multiple live IP sources, up to 4k in resolution, across an unrestricted video wall display.

Key Features

Scalable high frame rate, full fidelity and ultra-high resolution display of live IP video sources

Execute Google maps, SCADA, spreadsheets and more across an unrestricted video wall

Compatible with standard computer monitors, reducing the total cost of ownership

Operators can display images on the video wall independently from that on their own monitors

Operators can duplicate the view they have on their own workstation

High reassurance for hardware and software reliability, dual redundancy and RAID options

Integration diagram

What to order

To enable Datapath Integration with Wavestore’s VMS, please order the following for each Wavestore NVR/HVR:

INT-WS-DATAPATH-01 - Integration module for full two-way communication between Wavestore and Datapath. Order one per Wavestore NVR/HVR.

The Datapath integration module is compatible with Premium, and free of charge with all Enterprise level and Ultimate level channel licences.


Wavestore Integrates Datapath Brochure