Video Analytics

Comprehensive analytics suite with deep learning


COMING SOON...... Wavestore’s standalone Video Analytics Appliance provides the option of adding a host of powerful video analytics to Wavestore systems. Utilising virtually any IP camera, it can easily be retrofitted to existing installations or deployed as part of a greenfield project.

Available in 1, 4, 8 and 16 channel input options, the Video Analytics Appliance can simultaneously run up to four different types of analytics on each channel. These include object tracking, people and vehicle counting with speed and direction filters, intrusion detection and loitering.

Up to four analytics per channel:
Intrusion detection
Enter filter
Exit filter
Appear filter
Disappear filter
Counting lines & zones
Stopping filter
Abandoned object
Removed object
Object tracker
Dwell filter
Speed filter
Direction filter
  • Standalone appliance
  • 14 core analytics provided
  • Up to four analytics per channel