Fulfilling the vast majority of customers’ requirements, whether retail, distribution or manufacturing requires the safe and secure handling, transportation and storage of all manner of goods. Dedicated logistics-optimised surveillance solutions can give effective protection against loss through theft and damage, deter wrong-doing and give the required levels of traceability and business intelligence data to maintain and improve a logistics organisation's service levels.

With the ongoing shift towards home deliveries, an ever-increasing load is being placed upon logistics hubs and despatch networks. The ability to effectively monitor and review locations, processes, vehicles, and staff is highly important to maintain the flow of materials and goods-in-transit through logistics networks.

A total security solution based upon an effective and easy-to-use video management system can provide efficiency information, pinch point analysis and remote viewing of critical infrastructure. This means that the management and support teams can react remotely to situations occurring across their networks and provide ""eyes-on"" analysis of the situation.

Securing facilities, goods and staff is a primary benefit of a surveillance system. On top of this, the process management capability of a truly integrated video management system can provide vast amounts of valuable business intelligence and offer short ROI periods.

Collating and storing large quantities of process video data can also greatly assist in the rapid investigation and resolution of customer queries. Whether investigating suspected or actual theft and/or loss, validating compensation claims, reviewing item damage or determining the causes for late delivery, having intuitive intelligent search capabilities embedded into the video management system can expedite these processes, which is particularly beneficial in a highly time- and cost-critical industry.

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