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Wavestore expands partnership with global e-commerce technology group and brand owner, THG, to provide security to warehouses and offices worldwide

THG is a leading vertically integrated, global e-commerce technology group and brand owner, powered by its proprietary technology platform, Ingenuity, which provides end to end e-commerce solutions for local and global brands.

THG’s history of fast international growth has been assisted by its state-of-the-art commercial offices and  distribution centres around the world, which include locations such as USA, Poland, Australia and Ukraine.


With dozens of buildings to manage, including office spaces and logistics facilities, having a reliable and easy-to- use Video Management System (VMS) is important when considering the long- term security of staff, products, and investment. With each location having different demands, from process tracking in distribution centres, to access control in office areas, and each country having their own regulations, THG had a requirement to work collaboratively with a VMS solution to ensure each need was met.

Two types of solutions were required; providing security to all buildings and those who use them, and monitoring processes within warehouses and distribution centres to improve efficiencies. For these to be achieved, the VMS needed to integrate into a number of 3rd party technologies and camera brands, and to bring everything together into one manageable solution. Furthermore, from the very beginning of the build design through to consulting and final project implementation, it was paramount to work with industry experts who could provide extensive knowledge of Video Management Systems and beyond.


Within distribution centres, anything between tens to hundreds of cameras are employed to provide around the clock surveillance. These are managed through the WaveView client, which enables alarm triggers, such as movement after hours, which can lead to set events, such as alerting and emailing a clip of the incident to security personnel. This, along with other integrated technologies such as access control, ensure the safety of both the employees and the goods stored within the warehouse. Also included in the total security solution are tools to manage processes and monitor efficiencies. This is achieved through 3rd party technologies which can all be managed from one screen, giving operators total control and better situational awareness. This integration has allowed THG to check whether there are any blockages within processing and act upon any discrepancies quickly. With the ability to carry out detailed post-event interrogation of stored video data, using analytics meta-data within search criteria, incidents can be reviewed and safeguarded against. Examples of this solution can be seen in warehouses in Poland, UK and North America to name a few and are currently being installed within further facilities in Australia and the USA following the previous successes.

Employing over 7,000 people situated across the globe, THG had a requirement to provide security to each member of staff who use their office spaces. These environments also contain a wealth of assets, including intellectual property, physical effects, and the building itself, which are important to protect against threats such as criminal activity and accidental damage. For this, cameras were installed across all locations, including fisheye cameras which can be quickly dewarped within WaveView. Integrated technologies secured the buildings both during office hours through access control, and outside of office hours with intruder alarms. Such solutions have been deployed in the Ukraine, Poland, and Australia, with other locations to be included as the company expands into further market-places.

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