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A robust video monitoring and recording solution that is both intuitive to use and enables rapid searching to access exactly the right information are essential for effective loss-prevention and managing the customer experience. The ability to demonstrate regulatory compliance is also of fundamental importance in this high-stakes environment.

With high volumes of customers and staff, casino floors can create a challenge for security systems. Monitoring large crowds, high value bets and an abundance of machines, all require different methods of surveillance and alerts. A video management system at the heart of a total security solution ensures that the safety of customers, staff and assets can be monitored effectively, and regulations are adhered to.

The effective and seamless integration of the video management system, with capabilities such as video content analytics and facial recognition, can provide context-sensitive information to personnel tasked with making swift decisions. With potentially significant amounts of money and high value assets at risk, belonging to both the casino and to customers, being able to analyse the environment and provide alerts when normal activity is breached is vital in casino surveillance. This activity could include the detection of unwelcome visitors who have been highlighted as an issue, or abnormal activity on slot machines and tables.

In such environments there can be hundreds or even thousands of high definition cameras monitoring every card and chip on the casino floor in real-time. All this data needs to be efficiently stored, easily searched and readily available to the monitoring teams and security staff, so they can do their jobs effectively. Intuitive search functions must therefore be available to find and replay video evidence in near-real-time, as well as the ability to securely export data for further use.

As casino facilities also have a duty of care to certain individuals with potential addiction problems, management need to be able to react quickly and effectively to protect customers. Using surveillance technology with integrated facial recognition, each customer can be referenced against a database of known individuals and alerts given when necessary. This feature also allows front of house staff to provide a special welcome and personalised experiences for VIPs.

Since the compliance and legislative requirements for the security function in casinos is very stringent, the video management system must operate continuously and be able to cope with equipment malfunction. Finally, the surveillance system must not be intrusive or affect customers' enjoyment, whilst providing staff with a sense of security.

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