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Wavestore digital video recording solution for a Spanish casino

The Gran Casino Aljarafe is located in the city of Seville and occupies an area of almost 7,000 square metres, together with an extensive parking area. Opened in March 2006 the casino offers a range of leisure activities including bars, a nightclub and five restaurants. It has 25 gaming tables and 100 slot machines.


Casinos in Spain are heavily regulated and operate under a legal requirement to maintain a comprehensive recording and management system whilst the casino is open to the public. Legislation requires that all activity in the public areas and at the games tables is continuously recorded.

The specification for the Gran Casino Aljarafe video surveillance project included the ability to record and store video and audio continuously in real-time at 25images per second for a minimum period of 10 days. The system was required to operate over a local area network and permit upwards of 11 individual users to simultaneously access and view any live or archived data.


A Wavestore recording solution was selected because of its ability to record and display high frame rates and high-quality images, together with synchronised audio. A network of 10 Wavestore digital video recorders was installed to simultaneously record video data from 125 analogue cameras in real-time at 4CIFresolution. All activity at the gaming tables is recorded to allow a detailed analysis of the scene in the event that a dispute needs to be resolved by a pit manager.

A storage capacity of 120TB is provided in 10 rack-mounted recorders located in a secure area.

The technology that underpins the Wavestore product is highly scalable and, if required, multiple casinos can be simultaneously remotely monitored over the network. The Linux platform provides significant advantages over Windows-based designed systems which demand that firewalls and anti-virus software be installed.

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