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Achieve a high level of situational awareness with Wavestore’s VMS at the heart of your PSIM solution.

A PSIM or Physical Security Information Management offers complete Command and Control of an integrated security system which could include access control, video surveillance, intruder and fire detection, perimeter protection and building management systems. They provide advanced workflow, process and reporting mechanisms to operators and management.

Wavestore’s VMS completes the PSIM jigsaw by providing the recording management and incident review stations across an estate which makes it almost effortless for operators within a central control room to retrieve recorded video and view it alongside real-time images of any event detected or triggered by the other components within the PSIM’s ecosystem. What’s more, all integrations and camera streams that Wavestore enables are made available to the PSIM, adding a lot of value to the technology.

Adding the power of video with the ability to have a proactive event driven response and reactive, lightening fast search to other technologies, ensures you have a greater situational awareness of any activity, incidents or emergencies which may occur throughout your sites.

What Is Possible

Immediately display both pre and live event data and images on an integrated video wall
Integrate Wavestore’s VMS with products and sub-systems from multiple manufacturers into one holistic PSIM platform
Link user-definable cause & effect actions triggered by other systems controlled by a PSIM to move a PTZ camera and zoom in to see close up detail of what may be occurring
Easily search for events detected or triggered by other systems and instantly view the related video. Use Wavestore’s 3-click export function to back-up evidence captured by associated cameras.

Integrated Modules

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