PSIM Integration

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Wavestore’s integration with Everbridge Control Center allows users to efficiently manage security operations from one screen to improve situational awareness and management of systems. This enables security personnel to take appropriate action when events occur in a timely manner, by using an information-based system to proactively manage responses to incidents.

Key Features

Control Center, a leading PSIM platform, integrates your physical security assets to protect your people and maintain operations within your campus and buildings

Collect, analyse, and verify information and data efficiently

Validate identities faster and more accurately, plus view and managed event alarms being pushed from Wavestore to Everbridge Control Center, enabling operators to take appropriate and time-sensitive action

Customise actions from triggered events, such as when a person of interest presents a token to a specific door reader, which enables any number of actions such as operating third-party components like lights, emailing video clips and alerting security personnel

Easily search for access control events from any keyword, such as person’s first name, surname, or any other database credentials, which will instantly bring up video and backup using Wavestore’s 3-click evidential export function from associated cameras

Ability to connect to multiple servers in case of large systems

Integration diagram

What to order

To enable Everbridge Control Center Integration with Wavestore’s VMS, please order the following for each Wavestore Video Server/NVR/HVR:

INT-WS-EVERBRIDGE-01 - Integration module for full two-way communication between Wavestore and Everbridge. Order one per Wavestore Video Server/NVR/HVR.

The Everbridge Control Center integration module is compatible with Premium, Enterprise and Ultimate level channel licenses.


Wavestore Integrates Everbridge Control Center Brochure