Integrated Technology

Wavestore’s Video Management Software (VMS), is a truly independent and open-platform, allowing you to create best-in-breed solutions that mix-and-match technology from the world’s leading brands.

Wavestore Integrates…

It’s impossible for just one vendor to be the best at every discipline, meet every budget or match every requirement for a project. Our mission is simple; to provide a common platform and a seamless end-to-end experience to enable our partners to pick and choose the exact technology they wish to use across their solution.

Video Verification and Cause & Effect

Through integration, users can benefit from bringing together various devices and sub-systems to add powerful video verification and cause & effect rules to events that occur. This can be proactive, i.e. the system can be configured to perform an action based on an event, such as bringing an image up on screen if a ‘door forced’ alarm is triggered by an Access Control system. It can also be reactive, such as performing a metadata search for a specific car number plate, or a transaction through a till system.

Wavestore satisfies the past, present and future

Wavestore integrates with the world’s leading brands across all technologies, such as Access Control, Intruder Detection, Video Analytics and many more, allowing you to combine technologies and features across multiple disciplines. This enables the Wavestore VMS platform to be used to bring new life to an existing solution by extending the life of legacy technology, whilst coupling it with current technology, to provide a platform for future technology. This not only saves money, it also allows your solution to grow and develop over time.

Specialist integration

Whilst Wavestore has many integrations that will work straight out of the box, our bespoke integration service adds something that the competition cannot; a cost-effective and speedy way to integrate even the most specialist devices and systems. We have vast experience in delivering these types of integrations which have led to much improved situational awareness and operational efficiency for our users.

Endless possibilities through integration

Add the power of video, proactive event driven response and reactive, lightning fast search to a host of other technologies to achieve the perfect total solution.

The possibilities are endless with Wavestore as new integrations being added all the time. Use the links below to discover which leading vendors Wavestore currently has integration modules for.

Please contact us if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for. We are always looking to introduce new technology brands and disciplines to meet evolving market requirements.


Wavestore is fully ONVIF Profile-S conformant and compatible with the world’s leading camera brands across a host of technologies, including UHD, 4K, HD, 360° fisheye, thermal, HD-analogue and analogue, which can all be displayed and controlled on screen at the same time.

Access Control

Add the power of video to your Access Control events with real-time cause & effect or post-event interrogation for specific actions and identification of people.


Let Wavestore help you achieve maximum benefit from data captured by ANPR.

Asset Management

Improve productivity, reduce shrinkage and keep close track of assets and goods with the powerful combination of RFID technology and Video Management Software.


Make audio challenge and alerts a part of your security solution.

EPoS and Text

When integrated with an EPOS system, Wavestore’s VMS provides store managers with a powerful tool to efficiently identify anyone involved in fraudulent activity.

Facial Redaction

Lightning fast incident search and dynamic face blurring ensures GDPR compliance.

Health monitoring

Wavestore VMS offers remote system diagnostics and health monitoring of the servers it is running on.


Wavestores VMS is able to display images captured by intercom stations which have built-in cameras and enables operators to control the zoom function of fixed or PTZ camera.

Intrusion Detection

Verify the cause of alarm activations and respond appropriately at lightening speed with the help of a Wavestore visually verified alarm management solution.


Take total control of supplementary lighting, whilst minimising energy costs and light pollution.


Add video surveillance to visually verify vehicle movements in and out of your car park.

PSIM Software

Achieve a high level of situational awareness with Wavestore’s VMS at the heart of your PSIM solution.

RADAR, PIDs and Sensors

Respond more effectively to security events by integrating video with PIDs, sensors and radar technology.


Add video to your SCADA system to be in total control of your BMS.

Storage Solutions

Flexible and scalable storage options.

Video Analytics

Improve operational efficiency, pro-actively alert operators to potential problems and have greater overall situational awareness.

Video Wall

Experience greater situational awareness with a video wall managed by Wavestore’s VMS.