Integrated technology

Visually verify intercom users and have greater situational awareness.

IP network-based intercom systems which can be deployed over large distances and multiple sites, provide a scalable solution for airports, education campuses, hospitals, offices and parking facilities. In addition to providing businesses with an efficient communication solution for day-to-day activities, an intercom system which is integrated with video surveillance cameras, will assist operators to have greater situational awareness as well as control access to sensitive areas.

In addition to being able to display images captured by intercom stations which have built-in cameras, Wavestore enables operators to control the zoom function of fixed or PTZ cameras to assist with visually verifying a person’s identity.

What Is Possible

Search an intercom user’s credentials and display associated video
Associate cameras with individual intercom stations
Generate alerts sent by SMS or email based on user-defined intercom events, e.g. outside normal working hours
Open doors remotely
Stitch together video from time-synchronised intercom activity using Wavestore’s 3-click evidential export function

Integrated Modules

Integrated Intercoms Partners Include

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