You may be looking to install a small video only application or perhaps intend to deploy 255 Wavestore PetaBloks grouped together to provide up to 520.2 PetaBytes of data storage in order to retain images captured by high numbers of multi-megapixel cameras over long periods of time.

Either way, at Wavestore we appreciate you will want to be able to very quickly and without fuss, access recorded video of any events or incidents which require a rapid response. This is why the Wavestore VMS provides you with a wide range of search options to help retrieve the video you need to review at lightning fast speed.

Logarithmic Playback Bar

Available in the WaveView client, the Logarithmic Playback Bar will help you search through vast amounts of data to instantly locate and display exactly the video you need. It is an enhanced play bar feature which allows you, in just a few steps, to quickly home in on video captured at a precise moment in time. Using a mouse, you can easily increase or decrease the speed at which recorded video is searched. The Logarithmic Playback Bar also supports multiscreen views which allows recorded video captured by multiple cameras, to be synchronised and displayed on the same screen.

Smart Search

Wavestore’s Smart Search feature, which is compatible with ONVIF Profile S cameras, enables operators to highlight a specific region within a camera’s field of view, such as a doorway, set the sensitivity level and then instantaneously retrieve video relating to any movement in that area. This allows large amounts of recorded footage to be forensically searched quickly and efficiently, presenting only the required video to users. For added convenience, the relevant search results are highlighted as a different colour on the playback time line bar and can simply be clicked to display the relevant video footage.

Wavestore’s Events & Metadata Engine

Wavestore’s ability to interact with third-party devices, systems and software such as access control, video analytics, intruder detection, ANPR, Electronic Point of Sale systems (EPoS) and more means that event-based metadata captured by any of these hardware or software based solutions can be searched if there is a need to review related video. This search method is particularly effective on busy sites where there may be a large number of pre-specified events occurring within a short space of time. The search criteria could, for example, be to only locate events in which a red or white vehicle is in a camera’s field of view or when a particular named person has accessed a front door of a building.

Fast Forward/Fast Rewind

Whilst use of the logarithmic scrub bar, Smart Search or Events & Metadata Engine are highly effective and efficient ways to search recorded video, Wavestore also provides the option to search using traditional fast rewind and forward options, with the added benefit that you can do so at up to 8,192 frames per second.

Key Features

Logarithmic Scrub Bar

Smart Search

Wavestore’s Events & Metadata Engine

Fast Forward/Fast Rewind

More technologies


Wavestore’s logarithmic search bar and Smart Search functionality delivers pin-point control of your video.

Lip Synchronised Audio

Perfectly synchronised audio from cameras with built-in microphones.


Massive single storage solution up to 2.04 Petabytes per server and over 520 Petabytes per server group.


Wavestore’s powerful RAID providing leading throughput and up to N+5 redundancy using standard recording hardware.


Wavestore’s Large Allocation Storage System (LASS) is the most robust and reliable file system available today