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Wavestore and Smartrove deploy the city surveillance system


Wavestore VMS (video management software) has been utilised as part of city-wide crime prevention, licence plate recognition and parking enforcement video surveillance solution for Bermuda City.

Wavestore and Smartrove, a data offload company based in the Silicon Valley in the United States, have successfully completed the integration and deployment of a large city-wide surveillance network on the island of Bermuda.

The technology alliance between the two companies has allowed the Bermuda police department to wirelessly monitor activity in the farthest corners of the island and improve law and order by having a 24/7 video surveillance system operating over carrier grade equipment from Smartrove.

“We found that the operator experience radically improved with the introduction of Wavestore video management software.”

Kevin Smith, President and CEO of GETSecurity


Working together, Smartrove’s extensive 802.11 mesh solution and Wavestore’s recording, viewing, and analytics software provides a low latency solution which operates over Bermuda City’s high capacity networks and facilitates the deployment of a broad range of IP High Definition cameras.

The new IP network-based system, which has replaced an outdated analogue system, comprises ten PTZ cameras, 27 fixed cameras, and 5 licence plate recognition cameras. It has been designed with the future expansion in mind and as such has the capacity to be expanded fourfold if and when requirements change.

The images captured by the cameras are transmitted up to 13kilometres to a central control room where they are recorded and stored on the Wavestore recording solution. In addition to the control room operators, other authorized users are also able to access the live or recorded video from any PC workstation on the network.

“We found that the operator experience radically improved with the introduction of Wavestore,” said KevinSmith, President and CEO of GETSecurity, Bermuda’s premier security company which operates across the Caribbean Islands, “Wavestore’s efficient video management, video recording, and video replay solutions deliver an instantaneous display of video data from any camera and from any previous time/date.

This is achievable regardless of the volume of the storage medium located in a highly distributed network of video cells stretching across a mesh network that spans in excess of 13 kilometres.”


“The success of this integration further reinforces Wavestore’s capability to provide open platform video recording solutions that enable the recording and management of camera networks comprising of differing technologies,” said Chris Williams, Director ofWavestore.

“The ability of system integrators to successfully deliver such high-profile projects as this, which has been implemented with minimal training requirements, highlights the logical and well-executed design structure of the Wavestore VMS software.”

Wavestore’s powerful and user-friendly Linux based video recording and management solution are able to simultaneously record and display high-quality images from combinations analogue, IP, megapixel, HD, HD CCTV and 360-degree cameras.

The Wavestore VMS provides the facility to encrypt video for transmission purposes whilst, for evidence purposes, an authentication feature delivery confirmation of the source server.

The software allows video images to be configured and displayed on a monitor in a large variety of sizes, formats and positions and also includes a de-warping feature for images captured by 360degree cameras.

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