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Feature Focus: Lip Synchronised Audio

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July 1, 2021

In many applications, video data can be vastly more effective when it is combined with audio recording. This not only improves the situation awareness of operators during an event, but it can also be used to verify alarms and provide valuable evidence in post-event analysis. Indeed, certain applications demand that there is audio information alongside the video; custodial systems being a prime example of this. And in these demanding situations it is absolutely vital that both video and audio recordings are very accurately synchronised to ensure that a true record of events is captured so that there cannot be any dispute over what has been said.

This challenging task is made easy with the innovative technology built into Wavestore’s proprietary video, audio and data recording capability, founded on our unique Large Allocation Storage System (LASS). Because of this, the Video Management System (VMS) sitting at the heart of security solutions delivers reliable, evidential lip-synchronised audio and video. Furthermore, as a standard inclusion to any Wavestore VMS, no special equipment is required allowing security teams to benefit instantly.

Lip-synchronised audio recording and playback can be achieved on any camera, analogue or IP, either with built-in microphones, or through separate microphones and audio capture devices which are then associated with cameras. Multiple cameras can be connected to an audio source to provide a full view of the situation, which can be monitored from different angles during live viewing or played back and exported for evidence during post-event interrogation. The Wavestore VMS captures audio at precisely the same time as it captures the related video, ensuring that operators can view any camera that is close to the scene with synchronised audio. Additionally, personnel can broadcast audio across cameras with built-in speakers, through simply pressing a button in the WaveView Client, enabling zoned 2-way communication across a site.

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