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UK police force relies on Wavestore for security video monitoring

A Wavestore video recording and management system was installed for one of the UK’s largest police forces at their custodial and operations facilities. This has been vital in providing total video and audio security and enabling the exporting of data that is admissible in a court of law.


The requirement was for a high integrity security management system to be able to manage all aspects of security and custody of individuals at multiple locations. Wavestore had previously integrated with an established and well-respected manufacturer of custodial systems, Integrated Security Manufacturing (ISM), and together our solution was proposed by the systems integrator, GBE Converge. Working collaboratively, the extensive specifications were reviewed and responded to, finally submitting a well-developed proposal that was ultimately selected.


The Wavestore G-series server, with its high integrity internal RAID storage, was specified for the ability to record and retain video and audio data from various inputs. Cameras and microphones were variously installed in the car parks, active areas of the building, the charge room, and the custody suites to continuously record. All data was required to be retained for exactly 90 days.

One of the Wavestore Video Management Software’s important features was its ability to faithfully record video and audio data, where the audio is precisely lip-synchronised to the corresponding video.


When police officers are required to attend court to present evidence regarding one or more of those in custody, they rely on being able to access the relevant archived data, select the relevant information and prepare the extraction. Locating activities processed by a camera in a specific area of the recorded video stream is quick and easy. Exporting those selected video clips is done using a simple 3-click process – “Start”, “Finish” and “Export”. The Wavestore video format ensures that the exported data is of high integrity and the inclusion of the replay software ensures a perfect presentation when required, which for police officers often under pressure to meet tight deadlines, is very important.


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