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UK police force relies on Wavestore for security video monitoring

A Wavestore video recording and management system was installed for oneof the UK’s largest police forces at theircustodial and operations facilities. Thishas been vital in providing total videoand audio security and enabling theexporting of data that is admissible in acourt of law.


The requirement was for a high integrity security management system to beable to manage all aspects of securityand custody of individuals at multiplelocations. Wavestore had previouslyintegrated with an established andwell-respected manufacturer of custodial systems, Intergrated SecurityManufacturing (ISM), and together oursolution was proposed by the systemsintegrator, GBE Converge. Working collaboratively, the extensive specificationswere reviewed and responded to, finallysubmitting a well-developed proposalthat was ultimately selected.


The Wavestore G-series server, with itshigh integrity internal RAID storage, wasspecified for the ability to record andretain video and audio data from various inputs. Cameras and microphoneswere variously installed in the car parks,active areas of the building, the chargeroom, and the custody suites to continuously record. All data was required to beretained for exactly 90 days.One of the Wavestore Video Management Software’s important features wasits ability to faithfully record video andaudio data, where the audio is preciselylip-synchronised to the correspondingvideo.


When police officers are required toattend court to present evidence regarding one or more of those in custody, they rely on being able to accessthe relevant archived data, select therelevant information and prepare theextraction. Locating activities processedby a camera in a specific area of therecorded video stream is quick andeasy. Exporting those selected videoclips is done using a simple 3-click process – “Start”, “Finish” and “Export”. TheWavestore video format ensures thatthe exported data is of high integrityand the inclusion of the replay softwareensures a perfect presentation whenrequired, which for police officers oftenunder pressure to meet tight deadlines,is very important.

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