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Feature Focus: HyperRAID™ Plus

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January 26, 2021

Technology that can virtually eliminate data loss.

HyperRAID™ is a unique technology developed in-house which provides ultra-reliable video recording and playback. This effectively eliminates the possibility of data loss in a very cost-effective manner, as well as providing performance levels unattainable using conventional hardware RAID controllers.

However many data storage drivers are required and in use, HyperRAID™ Plus uses technology to write data across these drives that allows for up to five of them to fail, and ensures that there is no loss in recording, and all the footage remains available for playback. This innovative solution effectively removes the danger of lost data, even if possible in theory. For example, in a system with 15 drives in an array set to N+5 redundancy, the risk of losing all data in a well-maintained system is estimated at just 0.000000000005%.

Furthermore, this system doesn’t require specialist knowledge to set up and manage, which can all be done from one screen as with all of Wavestore’s features. These arrays do not need to be controlled by a RAID card as with most other solutions, but this advanced capability is embedded within the Wavestore server software and utilises a Host Bus Adaptor (HBA)situated within the server/NVR/HVR. This unique architecture allows HyperRAID™ to out-perform competitor solutions with much faster methods.

All of this is achieved through using Wavestore’s unique Large Allocation Storage System (LASS) file system, which can control exactly where data can be written independent of a RAID card. Even more cost savings come from the LASS system arranging data to be stored sequentially on each of the individual drives, reducing wear and tear and improving energy efficiencies. For an increased energy saving solution, HyperRAID™ is supported by EcoStore™, which automatically spins down hard drives and HyperRAID™ arrays which are not in a read or write state.

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