Wavestore’s EcoStore hard drive management technology delivers substantial real-world savings on the total cost of ownership of a video surveillance solution.

EcoStore can save over 80% of a recording solution’s hard drive energy costs by automatically spinning down drives which are not in a read or write state. This reduces the wear and tear on drives which are usually in constant use and prolongs their lives, as well as delivering huge savings on energy costs.

Unique to Wavestore, EcoStore can lay claim to be the fastest and most cost-effective long-term storage solution available on the professional security market.

How it works

EcoStore works by arranging the hard drives into individual ‘groups’. In simple terms, while EcoStore is writing camera data to the first group, the other groups are spun down. Group one is then spun down when it becomes full and the cameras then automatically starts to write to group two. This process continues in sequence with all the groups which form part of your total storage solution.

Works in conjunction with Wavestore’s HyperRAID technology suite

EcoStore supports Wavestore’s HyperRAID storage redundancy technology which is designed to protect data stored across multiple drives in an array. If one or more of the drives should fail, data can continue to be recorded and safely stored without any loss. HyperRAID enables up to N+2 redundancy and HyperRAID Plus up to N+5 redundancy.

The individual groups of disks in an EcoStore storage solution can themselves be HyperRAID-enabled, giving not only unrivalled recording reliability but also the full benefit of energy saving and extended hard drive service life.


EcoStore can be utilised for projects with just two hard drives, through to much larger applications which utilise Wavestore’s PetaBlok storage solution with up to 204 hard drives and 2.04PB of storage per server. Up to 255 servers can be joined together in a group, providing scale for even the largest applications.

Real World Energy and Cost savings

Energy savings start with very small numbers of drives, but the more drives within a server, the higher the energy saving can be, not to mention the savings on the drives’ wear and tear through heat and vibration. All of this is simply because the vast majority of the drives will not be spinning at any one time.

In fact, within a PetaBlok server and storage solution at its maximum capacity of 204 drives (2.04PB storage per unit) with 17 HyperRAID groups each consisting 12 drives, this equates to just 288 watts of spinning drives – a saving of over 82%. Plus, with so few drives spinning, there is the added benefit of reduced air conditioning costs as far less heat is generated, and other savings can be made by users taking advantage of Wavestore’s high-density storage solutions which take up less space.

Lightning-Fast Data Retrieval

As it is fully compatible and supported by Wavestore’s proprietary Large Allocation Storage System (LASS) solution, EcoStore always knows the location of the video you are searching for. You simply have to use Wavestore’s wide range of search options which are available as standard and EcoStore will quickly spin up the required group of drives in the respective group.


EcoStore does not require any specialist hardware. Provided you have an appropriate level software licence, it is compatible across the latest generation of Wavestore E-Series, PT-Series, V-Series & X-Series NVRs and HVRs.

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Key Features

Save over 80% energy from your storage

Improve the life of hard drives through minimising heat, vibration and wear & tear

Can be used on smaller storage requirements up to multiple Petabytes of data

No specialist product knowledge or skillset required

Compatible with a host of Wavestore servers/ NVRs/ HVRs

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