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Feature focus: EcoStore™

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November 6, 2020

Boasting being the fastest and most cost-effective storage solution within the professional security sector, our unique solution was built in-house to solve issues experienced with much of the server hardware used in video management systems.

For both total cost of ownership and environmental efficiencies, the ability to automatically spin down disk groups, or even a single disk, when idle can save huge amounts in maintenance costs and energy consumption. As well as being more environmentally friendly, this can greatly extend the effective in-service life of disks and minimise heat output. Using Wavestore’s EcoStore™, hard disk power consumption can be reduced by more than80% compared to a conventional server.

How do we achieve these energy savings?

The hard drives are arranged into individual groups, which means that when one group is in use, for example camera data is being written to it, then the other disks can be spun down. Once the first group is becoming full, the second group is automatically activated for data to be written to it and the first group spins down and so on. What’s more, EcoStore™ can be used in conjunction with HyperRAID™, meaning that if one or more of the drives fail, data can continue to be recorded and safely stored with no loss.

What savings are realised?

Even from the smallest of systems comprising of just two hard drives, through to much larger applications with up to 255 servers containing up to 204 hard drives in each, savings can be seen at every level. Savings are derived from several factors. Wear and tear on the drives is vastly reduced due to less heat and vibration through the drives not spinning simultaneously. Because of the heat reduction, cooling equipment such as air conditioning is used less. Furthermore, users can also opt to take advantage of our high-density storage solutions, taking up less space.

What are the key features?

·       Save over 80% energy from your storage

·       Improve the life of hard drives through minimising heat, vibration, and wear & tear

·       Can be used on smaller storage requirements up to multiple Petabytes of data

·       No specialist product knowledge or skillset required

·       Compatible with a host of Wavestore servers/NVRs/ HVRs


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