Intended for mission critical and high security applications where there can be no downtime, failover protects your data in the event of hardware failure on a primary server.

Should this happen, the failover server will automatically take the place of the primary server by applying the same configuration and continuing to display and record video, all without any operator intervention. All this happens in a matter of seconds.

When the primary server is brought back on line, the failover server will ‘stand down’ again, but it is always ready to step in if there are any further incidents. Operators will have seamless access to video across both the primary server and failover server via Wavestore’s WaveView client software, should it need to be reviewed or exported.

As many failover servers as required can be added to a system. This can either be on a one-to-one basis or multiple failover servers can be spread across a group in support of several servers.

Cost effective and no specialist hardware required

There are no specialist hardware or additional management servers required. Simply specify the failover server to be the same type as the primary server. Wavestore has an extensive range available for you to choose from or compatible third-party servers can be used. The failover server will need to be licenced with sufficient number of channels to take over from the largest server it is attached to and be configured with the same throughput, i.e. the same number of NIC cards. If required, the storage size can be different to the primary server. This will depend on how long you need the failover server to record for.

Key Features

Recording will automatically switch to the failover server in the event of a hardware failure

No user intervention is required

Simple architecture with no separate management server required

Operators monitoring the images captured by cameras will have near-continuous viewing as the switchover happens

The failover server stands down when the original server comes back on line, with recorded video seamlessly available for playback

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