VMS Premium Licence


Wavestore Premium is our Professional-Level server software and allows the connection of up to 128 IP camera channels to a server and unlimited number of concurrent WaveView client connections.

Premium enables the creation of Server-Groups of up to 5 Wavestore servers, allowing users to view any cameras seamlessly across these servers.

Premium allows Integration Modules for such things as Access Control, Intrusion Detection, ANPR/LPR to be incorporated to produces a truly integrated security system. Integration with selected IR detectors and intelligent IR lighting is included with Premium as standard.

Premium licences also includes 2 incremental Software Upgrades

At a glance

Up to 128 cameras per server

Up to 5 servers in a Server Group

Unlimited concurrent WaveView client connections per server

Integrates with other third-party technology (Access Control, Intruder Detection, PoS etc.)

2 Incremental Software Upgrades included


Wavestore Software & Hardware Brochure

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