VMS Enterprise License


In addition to all the capabilities provided by Premium licenses, Enterprise enables Wavestore’s unique Failover capability.

Our intelligent Failover maximises uptime and delivers total resilience to your system without operator intervention. Intended for mission critical and high security applications where there can be no downtime, failover protects your data in the event of hardware failure on a primary server.

Our Central Event Server technology is also provided at Enterprise level and above. This allows events from the multiple servers in a server group to be forwarded to a central server for processing to produce powerful system-wide event responses.

Enterprise licenses also enable the use of LDAP/Active Directory to simplify and automate user management, particularly useful on extensive systems with many servers and users.

At a glance

Up to 254 cameras per server

All Premium Features

255 servers in a Server Group

Unlimited concurrent client connections per server

Integrates with other third-party technology (Access Control, Intruder Detection, PoS etc.)

Intelligent Failover

Central Event Server capability

LDAP / Active Directory Support


HyperRAID for RAID5/6 (N + 1 and N + 2)

Hard drive redundancy


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