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Secure VMS used across multiple hotels and resorts in the Middle East

Hotels create areas with high people traffic which, combined with their customer turnover, have requirements to secure their premises for staff and visitors, as well as ensuring the buildings are not compromised or subject to damage. Being a highly sought-after holiday destination, travel and leisure businesses in the Middle East need to keep their security solution effective and intuitive to keep up with the evolving situations and specific needs.


With resorts and hotels containing luxury rooms, apartments, meeting areas, spas and restaurants, security systems must be able to adapt to different situations and needs. An intelligent security system with an intuitive Video Management System at its core empowers personnel to mitigate, act upon and review any threats or concerns. Video management solutions can be utilized to combine high-quality CCTV with advanced storage, robust servers, and user-friendly workstations, and integrate with third party technologies that deliver specific detection and analytics capabilities.


Wavestore provides its SIRA certified solution to combine small to large numbers of cameras from a variety of brands, including all leading brands, which can be integrated using third-party storage and server solutions. These total security solutions can be used with current technologies which can be upgraded or can be a completely new installation of workstations. Being British-made and developed in-house, Wavestore offers best-in-breed integrations and Video Management Software to provide total security solutions.

These can scale from a few hundred to many thousands of cameras, which are typically installed in leisure and resort settings. Wavestore operates pre-configured security hardening as standard, offering protection from the moment the system is switched on, along with being a Linux-based video management system which comes with incorporated security benefits. Furthermore, the flexible and scalable storage enables the operators to store and manage high quality video data for long periods of time, as may be required.

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