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European consumer electronics retailer further upgrades Wavestore solution after successful implementation


One of Europe’s fastest growing consumer electronics retailers, with over 700 outlets throughout 14 countries and 64,000+ people under its employ, utilised the Wavestore system to sit at the heart of their security solution. The company built a strong hold in the market through affordable pricing without compromising on high levels of service and customer advice. With so many buildings and staff to secure, as well as any visiting customers, they had a requirement to improve their video surveillance systems.

The project specified that a video recording and management solution be installed which could integrate with a combination of analogue and IP cameras. These were to include 360-degree cameras, which enabled the monitoring of the entire region around the camera unlike the earlier deployment including PTZ cameras. Furthermore, continuous and time-synchronised recording of all activity within the store was required, along with effective and secure storage of the video data.


Initially, the company installed a Wavestore version 5 Video Management System which provided security personnel with an easy-to-use interface to monitor and act upon any suspicious activities, such as removal of stock. After the continuous operation of the solution, the retailer reviewed the features and benefits available within the Version 6 software, and after a series of meetings; when the benefits were demonstrated, the upgrade programme was implemented.

The upgrade to version 6 provided enhanced capabilities and new features which gave greater flexibility for the security staff to remotely operate, and secure, the stores. These included the ability to record and replay video data instantly, with all videos easily searchable using the logarithmic bar and search terms able to be utilised. This greatly improved not just live viewing of each store, but post-event interrogation whereby the required clips could then be exported and shared using Wavestore’s 3-click evidential export function for review or legal action.

Chris Williams, Director of Wavestore, said: “We are naturally very pleased to have been entrusted to provide the video recording solution for one of Europe’s most successful retail brands. It is also great to be associated with a company that shares our philosophy of offering quality products supported by the best possible pre- and post-sales support.”

Key Features

  • Location & Industry: European consumer electronics retailer with 700+ stores across 14 countries.
  • Initial Deployment: Utilized Wavestore v5 for surveillance with analogue, IP, and 360-degree cameras.
  • Upgrade to v6: Enhanced capabilities for remote store management and instant video replay.
  • Search & Export: Logarithmic bar search and 3-click evidential export for post-event analysis.

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