With over 20 years in the market, we worked with many clients across different sectors.

Wavestore sits at the heart of some of the most innovative security projects around the world, providing a fully scalable and open-platform Video Management Software (VMS) solution to protect people, sites and assets across virtually any industry.

Banking & Finance

These are inherently complex, multi-faceted environments that present particular challenges to provide the required levels of protection of personnel, assets and data, whilst maintaining compliance with stringent regulatory requirements.



Security systems in Government establishments need to ensure the safety and well-being for all; VIPs, staff, contractors and members of the public. Many assets, highly sensitive or confidential data among them, must also be protected from the widest range of threats, both natural and man-made. This requires an effective integrated solution, with video survellance that is robust and ultra-secure, but simple and intuitive in day-to-day use.



Maintaining a safe and reassuring environment for event-attendees, staff and performers, during both the frenetic excitement of an event and those quieter times of preparation, break-down and closure is a fundamental requirement for stadium and arena security and monitoring systems. The capability of the security team can be greatly enhanced by the deployment of suitable technology.