Highly secure open-platform
Video Management Software (VMS)

Whether you’re looking for video only applications...

... combining the world’s leading camera brands and multiple technologies - including analogue, HD, 4K, multi-sensor and 360 degree

or a fully integrated solution adding...

Access control

Intruder detection

Video analytics




and much more,

Wavestore’s VMS is the ideal platform to sit at the heart of your system
and expand and grow your business and requirements.

Thanks to its embedded Linux operating system and security hardening package provided as standard, Wavestore’s VMS is inherently cybersecure, protecting the security of your security solution.

At user level, Wavestore provides the most intuitive video and recording management available today. Powerful video and metadata search, coupled with evidential quality export functionality, gives operators the tools they need to efficiently and effectively do their job day in, day out – offering a seamless user experience whilst offering the flexibility of being open-platform.

Truly independent and open-platform

Wavestore works with clients and technology partners to provide best-in-breed solutions that are both scalable and future-proof, ensuring that your security and business goals are fulfilled both now and into the future.

Wavestore’s VMS is compatible with a host of third-party servers, or pre-installed on Wavestore’s own range of Network Video Recorders (NVRs) and Hybrid Video Recorders (HVRs).

  • Choose BASE, PREMIUM, ENTERPRISE or ULTIMATE channel license levels to best meet your project requirements
  • Add channels or upgrade license level in seconds
  • Change cameras as often as you like without having to contact Wavestore
  • Lowest cost of entry - No ‘foundation’ or ‘base’ license to buy first
  • No expensive recurring contracts and 100% free telephone and e-mail technical support

VMS levels and key features:

All of our levels include the following features:

Camera compatibility

  • ONVIF Profile-S conformant
  • Compatible with multiple camera technologies, including multi-sensor, 360 degree, 4K, HD and analogue, from the world’s leading brands
  • Quick and easy camera discovery, set-up and administration with ‘camera groups’ feature


  • Endless integration possibilities, including on-board camera analytics

Client software

  • Free of cost WaveView client software (Linux & Windows)
  • Free of cost WaveView Mobile client software (iOS and Android)

Playback and Export

  • Lightening-fast logarithmic scrub-bar search
  • Smart Search
  • 3-click evidential export


  • Lip-synchronised audio


  • VMS embedded within ultra-secure Linux Operating System (OS)
  • Ability to allow access from authorised IP addresses only
  • Configurable WaveView client software connection timeout
  • Pre-configured firewall protection
  • User privilege separation protecting against unauthorised administrator access
  • Up to 4096bit encryption
  • Use of strong password hashes protect against “man-in-the-middle” interception of data

Upgrades and expansion

  • Easy to upgrade and expand as your requirements develop over time

Compare software levels

Base Level Premium Level Enterprise Level Ultimate Level
User Management
Cameras per server Up to 32 Up to 128 Up to 254 Up to 254
Concurrent client connections per server Up to 2 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Servers that can be grouped together Single Up to 5 Up to 255 Up to 255
LDAP & Active Directory Support - -
Camera compatibility
Very high megapixel camera support (over 19MP) - Optional Optional
Integrates with other third-party technology (Access Control, Intruder Detection, PoS etc.) -
Client software
Interactive maps -
Events Management
Event Rules and Metadata Engine -
Live events stream -
Recording Management
Intelligent Failover - -
HyperRAID™ (RAID5/RAID6, N+1/N+2) redundancy -
HyperRAID™ Plus (up to N+5) redundancy - - -
EcoStore™ energy saving hard drive spin down - - -
Upgrades and expansion
Free sequential software upgrades included (within current version - v6.14 to v6.16 to v6.18 for example) 2 upgrades 2 upgrades 2 upgrades 8 upgrades
Easy upgrade to higher level of software (Base to Premium, Premium to Enterprise, Enterprise to Ultimate) -