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Wavestore v6.36: Elevating Operational Flexibility and Enhancing Automated Security Management

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March 6, 2024

Harness the full potential of on-screen event triggers and responsive client actions with Wavestore v6.36 – now ready for install on specialized, ruggedized hardware platforms.

In our ongoing commitment to innovation, Wavestore is proud to announce the release of v6.36, advancing our vision for a video management system that adapts to your operational needs and enables solutions for a world we can’t yet see.

Introducing Wavestore v6.36: Tailored Flexibility, Rugged Application, and Automated Intelligence

Empowering your people and business, Wavestore v6.36 proactively introduces a suite of features designed to bring even greater flexibility to your security solutions for a constantly evolving world. From the harshness of the Arctic to the bustling activity of urban environments, v6.36 is engineered to respond dynamically to your unique business challenges.

On-screen Event Triggers and Automated Rules

Simplify your security operations with customizable on-screen event triggers. Save valuable time and reduce errors by programming actions like opening doors or turning on lights with a single click, or automate them based on your pre-set event rules. With v6.36, your security system becomes more intuitive, allowing you to focus on critical tasks.

Wavestore as an Application

v6.36 transforms Wavestore into an application that thrives in any environment, regardless of the external conditions. Our VMS can be loaded to specialized ruggedized hardware that ensures your security is not compromised, whether monitoring railroads or remote locations in extreme climates.

Responsive Client Actions

Elevate situational awareness and control with v6.36’s responsive client actions. Enjoy a tailored, efficient monitoring experience that adapts in real-time, adding or removing camera feeds from the display based on specific events without distracting your team from their primary objectives.

Enhanced Automated Event Triggers

Maximize your operational efficiency with v6.36’s automated event triggers, designed to focus your attention where it matters most. Let v6.36 handle repetitive tasks, while you spend your time on activities that make a significant impact.

Wavestore v6.36 enriches the features introduced in our previous release v6.34, including advanced search and PTZ operation logging, with a fresh focus on automation and adaptability.

Are you ready to embrace the flexibility of Wavestore v6.36?

Failing to adapt to the changing landscape of security can leave your operations behind. Upgrading to Wavestore v6.36 is not just about leveraging advanced features; it's about investing in a system that evolves with your needs, restoring productivity by bridging the gap between technology and those that use it.

Discover the next level of operational flexibility today. Upgrade to Wavestore v6.36 and take control of your security..

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Solutions for a world we can't yet see. Discover v6.36 features empowering people and businesses.