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Wavestore v6.28 introduces advanced event and search features

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September 1, 2021

Wavestore is introducing an updated version of its open-platform and highly secure Linux-based Video Management Software (VMS).

Wavestore v6.28 represents a major step forward for us as it enables highly accurate real-time event detection and powerful forensic search using video analytics metadata from selected ONVIF cameras. This allows events to be triggered only when specific circumstances occur. For example, if a car went through an exit where only trucks are permitted, or more than 4 persons in an area where there is a limit. There are many rules to choose from, including box entry and exit, object removed, object idle and crowding of people or objects. The rules are programmed and run within Wavestore, not the cameras or associated analytics server, only using the object class and position metadata derived from these devices. Hence, the rules and event responses are easy to set up, consistent, and accurate. Furthermore, they can easily be built into powerful event responses using Wavestore’s Cause and Effect Rules Engine.

As a major additional benefit, the capturing of video analytics metadata can also be used to carry out powerful and detailed forensic searching. This searching is also based upon the class of an object, such as type of vehicle, and its position within each captured frame, as such allowing for searching on direction and speed as well as position. This is combined with the near-instantaneous retrieval of video data, which is a unique feature of Wavestore’s proprietary LASS technology, to give operators exactly the right video information being searched for, quickly and easily.

“Wavestore has always sat at the forefront of innovation with our dedicated and passionate team of developers, and so making the move to incorporating more real user benefits using video analytics data as they become more reliable and accurate was a natural progression for this release” said Julian Inman, Product Director at Wavestore. “It is paramount that when we make such additions to our VMS that we ensure the benefits can be seen throughout our features, such as with our enhanced search and Event Rules.”

There are a number of other updates which allow Wavestore systems to be more easily set up and managed, including:

  • System setup is speeded up by the facility to push and pull camera names to and from selected cameras.
  • A new ’track’ command reports current and daily bandwidth used per recording track so we can see exactly where disk space is being used.
  • Our Diagnostics download facility now includes server statistics, down to the logging of CPU utilisation per CPU.
  • Our intuitive Status Summary screen now includes camera IP address and duration of recording for each recording track, included in CSV export.
  • The default language of the WaveView client is now automatically detected based on the operating system and for added flexibility this can be overridden in Preferences.
  • The camera IP address is now available as a tag for inclusion in camera subtitles.

Download the latest version here.

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