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Wavestore Global Ltd appoints industry doyen, Chris Williams, as Chairman

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September 29, 2020

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Chris Williams as Chairman of Wavestore Global Ltd.

Speaking of his new role as Chairman, Chris commented; “I’m really looking forward to encouraging the great team that we have to further develop and engage with opportunities. We’ve had a long-established career in delivering some very interesting projects and have a continued ability to respond to the diverse requirements, which will lean heavily on our highly competent development team.”

Seeing the potential in Wavestore, he invested in the company 20 years ago, some time before joining full time in 2005. Chris has helped to shape the company and seen it through many extraordinary developments.

Being first certified as an engineer, his passion for business, management and marketing enabled Chris to move seamlessly through sales and into founding, successfully growing, and eventually selling, a component distribution company.

Upon joining Wavestore, these skills and dedication saw Chris combine his initial role in marketing with his prior experience in engineering to bridge the gap between our clients and our developers. He recalls; “In those days this industry was still evolving, so it was a case of understanding what customers wanted and then developing systems to meet those requirements”.

With Chris’s unique blend of technical and commercial skills, he was instrumental in Wavestore winning many large and often technically-demanding projects across the globe. These include a country-wide deployment of in excess of 250 servers for a national oil company, a system comprising many tens of thousands of cameras for a major retail chain, an award-winning system which provided a solution to what had been an intractable problem of violence in and around football stadiums in South America and countless other complex and bespoke systems for high-profile end users in government, law-enforcement, custodial and private sectors. In 2016 Chris became the Strategic Projects Director which has allowed him to concentrate on these large project opportunities.

We would like to thank Chris for his outstanding service throughout the last 2 decades. The impact he has had on the company is immeasurable and goes beyond successful projects, building a positive brand image and being an advocate of technological advances and the team that develops them. His commitment, knowledge and drive encapsulate Wavestore’s core beliefs and we look forward to his continued guidance in his new role, representing the company in the wider business world.

Julian Inman, who has been promoted to the role of Product Director, looks forward to the exciting next phase of the company’s evolution. “I have had the very great pleasure of working with Chris for a number of years now and am so pleased that I will continue to work closely with him, benefitting from his experience, expertise and his gentle good humour.”  

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