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Introducing Wavestore Health Monitor

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September 20, 2022

With the introduction of our latest software release, 6.32, comes the ability to proactively monitor any Wavestore server using Wavestore Health Monitor. This simple, flexible, and intuitive user interface uses colour coding that allows users to quickly determine the health of all connected servers. The status of the entire system can be viewed at a glance, which highlights any faults detected. These simple dashboards provide instant situational awareness of all sites within a network.

Wavestore Health Monitor can be deployed on customer premises or within the cloud, which can then be accessed using any standard browser from any remote location. Any number of Wavestore servers can be monitored effectively, no matter how large the deployment is or how geographically spread the servers are. As a system may grow over time, admin users can easily add servers to a new or existing site, ensuring Health Monitor can continue to provide insights as the security solution evolves.

There is no need for open incoming ports or port-forwarding, as the data from the Wavestore servers is pushed to the Health Monitor server. Data from servers, cameras, storage, recording retention, and time synchronisation are all viewed from one dashboard, with the ability to customise to suit user requirements. To drill down into individual servers, users can simply click on a site to gain more in-depth information on the status of disks, CPUs, fans, network port throughput and much more. Key hardware elements can be highlighted and monitored, all of which facilitates SLA compliance.

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