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Feature focus: Instant playback

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September 9, 2020

One of the key benefits of Wavestore’s innovative Video Management System is the ability to find incidents quickly and easily through our instant playback feature. This allows users to efficiently search through and replay any recorded video from any camera, no matter how long it's been recording for, or the resolution of the camera streams themselves. This is especially beneficial where video for very high-resolution cameras might be recorded for extended periods, even up to and over a year.

Searching for the right video can be a time-consuming task, but Wavestore makes this quick and easy. Our lightning-fast logarithmic scrub-bar makes searching through seconds, hours or even weeks of video data logical and neat. With each time segment methodically spaced in a non-linear scale, so that 1-second, 1-minute and 1-hour periods can all be seen and navigated through on one search bar, time-efficiencies can be realised immediately.

Users can seamlessly replay something just seen to confirm details, search through a particular time or event for investigation purposes, and even jump between short or long periods of time to understand unfolding events. Using this unique playback scrub-bar, it is possible play back through months of video in just seconds, enabling users to home in on the event that needs to be analysed.

Our unique system to replay video data instantly and easily ensures that usability sits at the core of our product. This instantaneous playback is made possible by the perfectly optimised way in which video data is recorded to disk and indexed in Wavestore servers, using our proprietary Large Allocation Storage System, LASS.

Using Wavestore’s superior ‘just 3-clicks’ evidential export function, video clips can be promptly sent to required personnel to give security teams maximum response time and investigators minimal downtime.

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