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Accessing unparalleled benefits with Tensor Access Control integration

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August 31, 2022

Wavestore is constantly expanding its network of technology partners by integrating with the best technologies in the business. The recent integration with Tensor’s comprehensive Access Control solution provides a secure and reliable enhanced attendance system for any sized organisation. Events, such as sounding an alarm or blocking access, are triggered by data provided by the Tensor system when an invalid access card is used. Furthermore, Wavestore’s ‘Cause and Effect’ event rules engine can be utilised to manage events and alerts, as well as incorporating other integrated technologies to provide a robust security system.

“The Tensor/Wavestore integration module is a great additional feature to our suite of software that allows users of our WINACNET software to view CCTV footage and Access Control transactions at the same time via screens and reporting” commented Rob Cochrane, Group Sales Director at Tensor. “This is a great time saver for users and means they do not need access to the CCTV software to view all transactions in one place. We also pass-through access control transactions through to Wavestore software if the user prefers to view the Access Control transactions via the Wavestore software.”

Enrico Bizzaro, Head of Integrations & IT at Wavestore, added; “Wavestore’s integration with Tensor delivers a fully scalable security solution that combines powerful video, data and audio management with leading Access Control capability. Thanks to the powerful Wavestore Event Engine we have integrated Tensor’s platform to maximise protection from new and emerging threats. The integration allows the WINACNET system to stream the video from the Wavestore platform and it also allows every Wavestore server connected to receive the access control events raised by the Tensor’s application.”

Find out more about the Tensor Access Control technology by visiting their website: and download the integration document here.

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